Firesprite talks about philosophy and the legacy of Studio Liverpool

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23 July 2018 8:00 AM

We sat down with the Sixth Axis to talk about our origins and what the future holds.

Firesprite MD, Graeme Ankers discusses the roots of the studio from the Sony Studio Liverpool days.

Recently Graeme sat down with gaming publication The Sixth Axis to talk about the formation of the studio after the closure of Studio Liverpool and the philosophies we have held onto that kept Studio Liverpool at the forefront of game development.

Firesprite Games Studio

Talking more about the challenges in development for bleeding edge hardware, Graeme said, “What we did at Studio Liverpool was deliver defining experiences on new consoles. That’s a fine art because you’re developing toward something that isn’t a fixed platform, something that doesn’t even exist, so you’ve got to come up with a whole mindset that allows you to sort of hit the moving target as it goes through.”

You can read the whole interview over at The Sixth Axis.