Firesprite speaks about bringing The Persistence to Non-VR platforms

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17 April 2019 11:02 AM
Firesprite Speaks to MCV

“As optimistic developers, we thought this would be really easy”, we said.

Firesprite MD Graeme Ankers discusses the challenges and opportunities.

Recently our MD, Graeme sat down with trade industry publication MCV to discuss the process of bringing The Persistence from a VR to a non-VR medium.

MD Graeme Ankers

Alongside diving deeper into the process of translating the game into non-VR, Graeme outlined the initial considerations in the early stages and the assumption that it was going to be easier than originally thought (spoiler: it wasn't):

“Going from VR to non-VR, the whole design language of the game is very different. Even how you treat a user interface, or taking account for where the player is sat in the experience is very different. So we’re changing that language completely moving to a flat screen version of the game, so there’s challenges around that, because you’re redesigning that system.”

You can read the whole entire interview here over at MCV.