The Persistence Enhanced will Feature NVIDIA® DLSS Support

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1 June 2021 10:48 AM
The Persistence Enhanced

Full DLSS support for NVIDIA® RTX Supported Graphics Cards

Today we’re excited to officially announce that The Persistence Enhanced will feature support for NVIDIA DLSS as part of the Raytraced rendering that we’ve included in the game - it is also supported when playing in VR too!

The Persistence Enhanced supports NVIDIA® DLSS with featuring Quality, Balanced, Performance and Ultra Performance profiles, we recommend a 3000 series RTX card if you intend to run the game to run at a 4K resolution above 60fps.

The Persistence Enhanced will feature:
DXR implementation: Realtime shadows, Reflections and Realtime Global Illumination
Full DLSS support for NVIDIA® RTX Supported Graphics Cards
Improved effects and particles
Improved UI
Adjustable frame rate lock settings  - 30 / 60 / 120 / 144 / Unlimited

Quality of Life Improvements
Below are the following improvements that have been possible to implement with this update:
Improved menu screens, comfort options and HUD scaling
Manual language change
Game-feel improvements
Improved Windowed Mode
Additional monitor support
Customisable controls and Weapon Hotswapping
HUD Scaling Improved Menu Screens
VR Graphical Settings options
Mouselook now free, rather than locked to the middle button
General bug fixes 

The Persistence Enhanced will be available on Steam June 11thfollow The Persistence on Twitter for all the latest reveals and news, and share your gameplay content with us using #ThePersistenceEnhanced!