Pride at Firesprite: Self and Identity

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19 July 2022 9:55 AM
Pride at Firesprite

Being proud of who you are

In our Pride at Firesprite series, we’re discussing community-driven questions and areas of significance and importance to our sprites.

Previously, our sprites explored moments in gaming with LGBTQIA+ themes which resonated with them, they highlighted important considerations to foster a supportive company culture and games industry, and Miles shared with us the incredibly touching story of their journey to a new name.

Today, our sprites embrace what makes them proud to be who they are, and they share some compassionate advice with their younger selves about the future.

Pride at Firesprite: Julien

What’s something you love about your self/identity?

“As someone who is both neurodivergent and bi, I feel it opens me up more to seeing the world from a different point of view in a way that I realise a lot of people don't get to experience.”
- Louie, Artist

“I think it is very cool of me to view permanent decisions like tattoos and surgery as a radical act of self-love. I love my sense of fashion. I love the way my identity influences and shapes and is my sense of self-expression, and the joy that I get every day from it.”
- Miles, Junior UI Artist

“I love when I manage to be open to all people and all cultures. It is a daily job, even if it's part of my identity, but I'm trying my best to be a support and a good example for my community, and at the same time to help other communities who need it and learn about them.”
- Julien, Gameplay Programmer

“I love what connecting with my gender and sexuality has done for my general worldview – openness to change and to new ideas and challenging my perceptions of social concepts – I think I’m able to view the world with a much wider lens now.
- Han (she/they), Environment Artist

“I often get compliments on what I’m wearing, which makes me happy. I don’t dress to impress; I just wear what makes me comfortable, which often falls into the ‘quirky’ category. I think people like to see people looking comfortable and confident, and it takes quite a few ‘blunder years’ to find that for yourself. So, I’m happy to have a ‘style’, until I get too old and un-hip.”
- Josh, Intermediate Programmer

Pride at Firesprite: Miles

What is one thing you would tell a younger you about the future?

“Don't worry, everything will be fine. Let time do its work, there is no hurry. Listen to your heart to be and act the way you want to, and not the way you think you should. Take two minutes to rest and you will see how many people are willing to support you."
- Julien, Gameplay Programmer

“Your starting point was better than mine. Make sure that stays true for those that come after you.”
- Guilherme, Programmer

“Just because you’ll be able to eat ice cream in bed for breakfast, doesn’t mean you’ll want to! No, I think that life is a big filtration - over time, you figure out how you like to live, and you drop the aspects that aren’t you. I think I would tell myself that uncertainty is normal and assure myself that I will become comfortable with that. Also, the lottery numbers for 2011 were…”
- Josh, Intermediate Programmer

“It’s okay to be different. Cliché, but seriously. Whether about your sexual/gender identity or just being a bit strange, there is no shame in any of that. The sooner you are open with yourself, the sooner you can enjoy yourself – denial is a powerful thing, and your life will be richer without it.”
- Han (she/they), Environment Artist

“You're not going to end up where you expected, but you're going to achieve at least one dream, and hey, that's pretty cool. Be you. It's not so scary on the other side.”
- Miles, Junior UI Artist

“The fight for equality will still keep going but progress has been made and it won't stop no matter what.”
- Louie, Artist